Why raffle sales?

It's the format the whole artisan community does sales. But the main reason is that often there are fewer caps and more people wanting them, so it makes it sort of unbiased from the maker as to who gets in. Our raffles are completely automated from entry to invoicing. We do not get a say as to who gets what (by design) other than no-pays in the past that were blacklisted. 


What is the raffle process like?

 We have an automated system taking care of this. Your submission goes into a data store. At the end of the sale, a script is triggered that assigns caps randomly (yeah, really!) to entrants. It does weigh in a small percentage of caps to past entrants, and negatively weighs in past no-pays to some extent. After allocating caps, it generates invoices and sends them out. If there are no-pays, the script re-raffles the caps after a certain grace period. We use PayPal for this but will be moving to Shopify invoicing soon. Once everything is paid, we print out labels and pack the caps for shipping. 


Why are the stems too tight / too loose?

All switches are created different. We make sure to test caps on new and worn switches before packing, but sometimes environmental factors like heat etc. can cause the resin to shrink/expand. 

If the stems are too tight, don't force the cap on the switch. Let it dip in warm water for sometime giving the stem a chance to expand, before drying and putting it on the switch.


I entered for 3 caps thinking I'll win 1, but won 3. Can I select one instead?

Please only enter for caps you absolutely want. If you select interest, the script will try to allocate accordingly. Changing this means someone missed out most likely and we have caps that need to go through the process again. We don't mind having extras, but we hate that someone who wanted them didn't get them. So please don't enter for more than you want.


I didn't pay the invoice, am I blacklisted?

Not entirely, however the script does take into account past no-pays to some extent when assigning caps. This doesn't matter for FCFS sales of course. The main reason is we do not want to invoice people if they ghosted in the past. Cancelling and re-invoicing takes effort and we rather have someone interested in the caps get them.

We do understand that circumstances change, so please reach out to us if you want out for some reason after you get an invoice instead of ghosting.


Can I have a specific cap made in a specific color?

We do custom colors sometimes when asked. Color matching is kind of tricky so it might not be 100% what you have in mind, but we can try to get close. When reaching out, please be as descriptive as possible.


Will there be ALPS/Topre?

We have made ALPS in the past. However, most people prefer MX over the rest. So most of our sales will be MX. If you need an ALPS variant, feel free to reach out. We won't have a public raffle for ALPS but can work on a custom design.

For Topre, we don't have a board to test on right now, but are working on the internals. So maybe in the future.