About Us

We are a team of two people - Nupur and Nachie


I am a a software engineer working in the Bay Area. Obviously, I am surrounded by keyboards. One day I decided to try to a mech, and instead of buying one from Fry's, I thought of getting an old AEK-IIand build a small factor board from scratch, case and all. A lot happened after that and when I thought I had an endgame board, I needed one endgame artisan, just one. So I went to get my favorite sculpt (Fugu) from my favorite maker, NightCaps. Raffle after another, zero wins poisoned summer, you know the drill. Frustrated, I thought I could build a board - case, pcb and all, let me investigate how to make Artisans instead. I researched and fell upon the Z-Butt discord. Soon enough I was modifying the files to build a casting system I could use. I cast a few caps and they came out nice. But all lacked one serious thing, they were horrendous looking. There was no art or form to them.



I am a biotech engineer, but an artist at heart. I love to do all things art - sketching, oil painting, acrylics, sculpting. First when I saw Nachie ordering respirators, pressure pots and resins, I thought he's going crazy. He's been known to dive deep into weird stuff to figure things out. He figured out the techniques needed to cast, but I couldn't bear to look at his sculpts ;) I am not a keyboard or computer person. I like things more hands-on. This seemed like a really nice thing to try out, miniature sculpting and casting. Nachie convinced me to give miniature sculpting on these weird bases a try. I made an owl, we made a mold and cast a cap. It came out pretty decent, except one thing. Not coming from the keyboard world, this thing was huge. I decided to give this another shot and sculpted a few things. We made molds and cast some of them. One day we thought about seeing if people are interested in these and StacheBoi was the first sculpt we raffled. Blank'topus was another loved one that I sculpted and cast from scratch. We had to take a break for our newborn. But now that he's old enough to run around saying "Pot", "Phissss", "Caapp", I decided to give this another shot. Nachie is still there helping out in between when he can to pack a random order or clean some mold, but is more focussed on his day job. I have transitioned into doing this full time, with the focus and dedication it needs. I am loving the journey and excited about what the future can bring.